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Virginia Water Tree Surgery

Parish provides services across all major towns in Berkshire, Oxford and Surrey and our experience also includes lots of different Virginia Waters tree surgery projects.


Virginia Water is a commuter town or village in northern Surrey, home to the Wentworth Estate and the Wentworth Club places we have worked on in the past. Virginia Water is very densely populated with trees of all shapes and sizes.

Other than enjoying a round of golf at Wentworth golf club where the Ryder cup was first played theres lots of walks surrounded by lots of different types of trees and forestry.

Due to the vast around of trees and English winter weather trees falling onto roads and properties is not uncommon for a Virginia Water tree surgeon like us to come across. Trees falling onto homes or roads causing a great amount of stress and is something we want to get sorted as quickly as possible.

When a tree falls into a road due to bad weather our goal is to get it cleared up fast. We want to make sure no other trees are also showing signs of damage. Risk assessments are always carried out here at Parish.

To become a Virginia Water tree surgeon you have to have in depth knowledge of the history behind a lot of the trees in and around the area as a lot of them come under Winsor Great Park meaning you have to get permisson to have them removed or felled. Virginia Water occupies a large majority of the Borough of Runnymede meaning lots of customers coming from in and around the area.

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