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Crown Lifting

What is crown lifting?

Crown Lifting is a technique that removes all the excess branches to increases the clear space below a tree’s foliage. Crown lifting is the actual elimination of all the lower branches of a tree. This technique improves the tree’s clearance between the ground-level branches and the lower branches for allowing more space below the tree.

Importance of crown lifting

The lower-hanging section of the tree that drops or sags can be problematic for people and your property. The trees not only look unattractive, but they also block your vision not letting sunlight through, and can interfere with access on foot to your property as they grow so wide. When left untreated the branches can snap, falling off especially during stormy weather, and are liable to break at any time.

Through the crown lifting technique, we can create a higher tree canopy, keeping the branches away from traffic and people. It also allows maximum light to stream through the canopy opening for desirable views.

Things to consider during crown lifting

When crown lifting, one needs to be very careful as the extensive primary branches should be left behind as they grow directly from the trunk; they should not be touched. Removing any of these branches can create more extensive wounds, which  can lead to tree damage and decay.

Tree Crown lifting of older trees should be restricted to the secondary branches as it reduces the stress for the trees and their recovery time. It should be limited to 50% of the crown’s height, leaving the crown at least two-thirds of the tree’s total height.

Raising all the canopies on the trees with a larger diameter of low branches can start trunk decay if those large branches are totally removed. To prevent that, we suggest thinning the branches to an appropriate length with drop crotch cuts rather than eliminating them entirely.

This will decrease the growth rate; rather than removing it; therefore, the trunk will become more extensive than the branch. This way, the tree will first form the branch defence zone at the branch’s base. This approach minimises trunk decay. 

When raising the canopy, it is essential to attend to any structural purring that needs to be done to correct the defects. It’s not a good idea to directly remove the lower branches without fixing the skeletal problems. 

Tree Crown Lifting Services

As a house owner or any commercial service owner, you know that the limbs of trees, branches, and canopies don’t look after themselves and if left unattended for too long cause problems. Crown lifting is something that should be left to qualified professionals, making sure that the trees are kept healthy and beautiful.

In a few situations, you may be asked by your local authorities to clear out your tree or provide an adequate level of clearance to a specific height. Parish environmental has worked with several commercial and domestic sources and can provide you with all the necessary professional service to meet these conditions.

At Parish Environmental, we provide services to Private Residents and Commercial businesses. We have a team of highly skilled specialists who offer a wide range of services, including crown lifting. With professional experience and unrivaled levels of care and customer service, we carry out all our services to the top highest safety standards.


We have an experienced team of professionals who will help you consider your options and give you advice. Please contact us for information and a no-obligation quote.