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Turfing and artificial grass

What is Turfing & Artificial Grass?

The most recent trend among households is the installation of artificial turf. The lawn with artificial turf stands out more as compared to traditional lawns. Many homeowners claim that artificial turf allows them to enjoy their lawns’ enchanting view without investing a lot of water. 

Why is artificial turf good for your home? 

Artificial grass always looks aesthetically pleasing in all types of weather. This is because the weather does not have a direct impact on the appearance of the turf. It will continue to stay green, neat, tidy, and look good all year round, whatever the weather. Maintenance of the artificial turf is easy and cost-effective because it does not require much maintenance. Artificial turf does not need to be watered, fertilised, or mowed like real grass.

Benefits of using turfs and artificial grass

There are numerous benefits of artificial turf. Here are some of them that will surely surprise you. 

⦁ No maintenance required 

Conventional grass lawns need constant upkeeping and maintenance. However, with artificial grass work reduces a lot. You don’t need to waste your weekend mowing and weeding. Install artificial grass and free up your time! 

⦁ Beautiful all year round.

Fake grass doesn’t lose its quality after every season. The infill avoids freezing and prevents the brittleness of the turf. Therefore, it looks pristine-looking all the time. 

⦁ Cost-effective 

Installing artificial turf doesn’t require water or fertilizers. For this reason, the overall cost is low. All you have to do is to use a blower to get rid of debris. 

⦁ Less susceptible to damage 

The pet urine won’t create bare patches and spots in the artificial turf. It is also less prone to damage from cats and dogs. Additionally, removing and washing the messes is really easy and simple. 

Why you choose us? 

We aim to help you choose the right lawn for your property and install quickly without any hassle. We offer artificial turf grass installation services at competitive rates. 

Our services are not limited; instead, they are widespread. Some of the top areas we install artificial grass are, schools, playgrounds, dog parks/dog runs, running paths, rooftop decks as well as domestic home gardens.


Price of turfing and artificial grass installation

The price of turfing and artificial grass installation services depends upon the area. The large area has more cost and vice versa. The best way to know about the exact price is to contact us for a free quote. We would be glad to advise you about the best artificial grass that comes within your budget and is easily available in the market. 

Parish environmental offers premium lawn maintenance services that ensure the beauty of your property. We can turf and install artificial grass in the best way, contact us for artificial grass and turf installation services today we’ll be happy to help!


We have an experienced team of professionals who will help you consider your options and give you advice. Please contact us for information and a no-obligation quote.