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Crown Thinning

What is tree crown thinning?
Below we summarise the crown thinning process:

Tree crown thinning is the removal of extra secondary branches to reduce the fullness of the tree. This process is done in such an order to give it a crown-like structure without disturbing its overall shape and size. Crown thinning is one of the most difficult tree pruning practices. 

When we talk about crown thinning we mean tree canopy that gives the actual shape of the tree. Crown thinning is done to reduce the canopy of the tree to make the tree look more pleasing and beneficial at the same time. This process is mainly applied to the broad-leaved tree species.

Benefits of crown thinning:

Besides giving a pleasant look, crown thinning is also beneficial for trees. Here are some reasons why tree surgeons recommend crown thinning:

1. It helps to maintain the shape of the tree: Asymmetric growth of the tree not only gives a weird look to the tree but also disturbs the beauty of your garden. To control the canopy of the tree, crown thinning is necessary. This process helps to eliminate the branches close to each other and have a ‘V’ shape angle from the base instead of a ‘U’ shape. Weak and breakable branches are also eliminated through the crown thinning process. 

2. It helps to let in the light to every section of the tree: Crown thinning is done on the hardwood trees which remain crowded with stems and leaves throughout the year. To get proper light, food, and nutrients, these components start competing with each other in which some of the stems and leaves get deprived of the essential elements. So to let in the light to every stem and leave, tree surgeons remove the weaker branches. Even the new branches that grow without being overcrowded are found to be healthier and also influence the growth of the tree.

3. It protects the branches from wind: When wind hits the overcrowded tree, it cannot blow through the branches and ends up hitting the whole tree and this can cause damage to the growth of the tree. The wind can hit the tree so hard that it may cause enormous damage to your garden or even any public place. To avoid these kinds of incidents, crown thinning is done to let the wind passes through the branches smoothly. 

4. It helps to enhance the productivity of flowers and fruits: Crown thinning helps to let in the light and nutrients which lead to a healthy tree. The more the tree will get essential elements the more it will produce flowers and fruits. Quantity of the fruits may not increase rapidly but will give high quality of fruits. 

5. It helps to protect from damage: Crown thinning not only removes the weak branches but also eradicates the harmful insects that can damage the trees. Crown thinning isn’t inexpensive but will give you incredible results that last for a year. It takes care of both the health and appearance of the tree.

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