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Forestry Mulching

What is Forestry Mulching?

Forestry mulching is a clearing of land method that uses a particular machine known as forestry mulcher to cut, grind, and clear bushes, leaving behind mulch. The machine uses a rotatory drum that is attached to steel blades that shreds the vegetation. The blades are sharp enough to make it exceptionally suitable in swiftly eliminating brush in areas wooded and controlling overgrowth, which in turn gives your property a clean-up look. 

Forestry mulching ensures that all the unwanted brush and trees are removed quickly and efficiently without causing disturbances to the soils or the vegetation you wish to retain on your property. It helps in preventing soil erosion, unlike other traditional methods of clearing land. The mulch is left intact, and the left vegetation can use the nutrients. Forestry mulching requires fewer steps and preparations as well as enriching the property’s soil. 

Forestry mulching can be done for various purposes, including;

  • Controlling the population of plants

This includes controlling invasive plant species. These species might require to be controlled for reasons such as high consumption of nutrients for other vegetation, high water requirements, or pests attack at high levels, which reduces the quality of timber produced.

  • Nature conservation

Forestry mulching is advocated for by the government, ministries, and NGOs as a way of conserving nature. Water is stored in the soil and used by the left vegetation, a habitat for deer, elk, doves, and other birds.

  • Land spaces clearing

Forestry mulching is applied during clearing preparations of land and land development for commercial and domestic purposes. For example, undertaking projects such as recreational parks, real estate, and nature reserves can be accomplished via forestry mulching. 

  • Construction of roads and planning of towns

Some projects require complete uprooting of trees and tree stumps. Such projects can be effectively done through forestry mulching. Road-mapping, road construction, town layout, railway construction require forestry mulching.

Why forestry mulching

  • Topsoil preservation

Forestry mulching prevents topsoil from leeching due to soil erosion. Mulches that are left and add nutrients to the soil through decomposition. The soil arrangement is not disturbed, hence prevents soil erosion.

  • Efficiency

Forestry mulchers are efficient while doing work that may not be obtained through the traditional methods. There is some soil structure, topography, weather conditions, and land sizes that don’t support traditional methods of clearing land, so forestry mulching becomes efficient.

  • Applied directly

Forestry mulching is done effectively and directly to the targeted plants without causing disturbance to the wanted plants, ecosystem, and soil. 

  • Time conservative

Forestry mulching is time-saving, unlike other traditional methods. More work is done in less time, hence becomes economical and gives room for more economic improvements. Processes that take a longer time, such as cutting, brushing, and clearing, can be done within a short time. 

  • Economic

Forestry mulching is economical and minimizes the number of equipment and machines such as bulldozers. The tendency of relying on larger machinery is reduced. With a Forestry mulcher, only one machine is needed throughout, decreasing gas emissions, combustions, and fuel consumption. 


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