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Reading Tree Surgery

Parish provides services across all major towns in Berkshire, Oxford and Surrey and our experience also includes lots of different Reading tree surgery projects.


Reading is a major town in the Berkshire, UK, that Parish works in.


Tree felling and other services in Reading have been a core part of our offering for many years, not that these trees are totally unique to others but there’s a lot of them so we frequently come to parts of Reading to fix issues with falled trees or trees that need to be bult on new build projects. As such a big town and the tree projects we encounter are extremely varied.


Reading has been a town we work from for many years now completed a range of different customer needs. Last month we completed a tree removal from a elderly lady who was worried the tree would fall onto her shed or greenhouse and cause substantial damage. She contacted us in a fluster and we were able to remove the tree within 48 hours of the call leaving her less anxious about damage to her outbuildings.

Regardless of how big or small your need, if you have a environmental need in Reading that requires a check or quote of any shape be that Commercial tree surgery or Domestic tree surgery don’t hesitate to get in touch with us now.


We cater equally to house developers or bigger project in Reading, or we do general home projects in Reading.


Our checkatrade page is testament to the services we provide and shows us in a really positive light with our score never being less than 90% positive.


Contact us for all your Reading tree surgery needs at info@parishenvironmental.com or via our social media channels we aim to respond to you in 48 hours.