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Outdoor Play Areas

What is an Outdoor Play Area? 

An outdoor play area is an arrangement of items you would normally find in a public park. There is no set configuration but you’ll find Swings, Slides, See-saws, and climbing frames. 

Benefits of an Outdoor Play Area

  • Physical wellbeing of children as it’s great exercise for them
  • Mental wellbeing of children is also improved as this environment provides great stimulus for their imagination
  • Adds value to your home (especially if you are selling to someone with children)
  • Can enhance the visual appeal of the area due to the colourful nature of the space

Things to consider

When thinking of adding an outdoor play area to your garden or commercial area it’s important to consider the health and safety aspects of building an area for children to enjoy. If not done properly it can be dangerous even if it doesn’t appear to be so. Always use expert service providers who have experience with the design and build of outdoor play areas to meet the stringent safety standards required to ensure you not only transform the space you have but do so in a safe way. 

Parish Environmental can assist you in bringing your project to life at every point in the process. Beginning with a design consultation assessing the available space, best possible layouts, materials to use and walking you through the various measures introduced to produce a safe and fun place for children to play. 

You’ll have total peace of mind that the Outdoor Play Area will be delivered to top standard, competitively priced but most of all enjoy the flexibility and creativity of Parish Environmental’s team who treat every project as totally unique.

We are genuinely excited about doing Outdoor Play Areas, probably as we’re big kids ourselves so we look forward to hearing from you to turn your Outdoor Play Area idea into a reality that can be enjoyed by children (safely) for years to come. 

We have an experienced team of professionals who will help you consider your options and give you advice. Please contact us for information and a no-obligation quote.