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Vegetation management

What is Vegetation Management? 

How well the vegetation around your property is managed not only increases the aesthetics of the property but serves as a protection against disaster.

When exterior maintenance is mentioned, what easily comes to your mind may be signage, painting, lawn care, pressure washing, and even general upkeep of your building. But vegetation management is a vital aspect of managing your vegetation. Because it is often neglected, it becomes costly exterior maintenance in the long run.

What is vegetation management?

Vegetation management is simply the process of removing unwanted vegetation from buildings, railways, fences, and other areas. Beyond the aesthetic feel, vegetation management provides, it can also help in preventing a lot of hazards. Therefore, it is important that you manage the vegetation on your property intermittently.

Benefits of vegetation management

When you maintain the vegetation close to your infrastructure you help in no small way to improve the reliability of the system. How you may be wondering? 

  • 1. Prevention of Electruc service disruption 

Vegetation management can help to prevent the disruption of electric services. This is because when trees are properly managed, they won’t be able to climb on electric lines or even fall on those lines thereby disrupting electricity. If this ever happens, it can lead to power outages and you may have to spend money seeing to it that this is rectified.

  • 2.Effective prevention against rodents infestation

Vegetation Management can help in the management of rodents as well as other insects. When trees are properly trimmed and managed and unwanted vegetation removed, the incidence of pests is removed. Insects like mosquitoes, wasps, bees, and even birds won’t find it conducive to stay. These pests that would formally have caused harm to buildings, employees, and guests are taken care of.

  • 3. Helps to preserve the building

Another obvious benefit of vegetation management is that it prevents structural damage to buildings, properties, and structures. If the trees and invasive vegetation are properly treated, it can reduce the extra maintenance cost.

  • 4. Helps in the prevention of accidents

When you remove unwanted vegetation, it can help to increase the overall safety of the property. Removing overgrown tree branches from railways can help to prevent accidents. Imagine the number of falls and other unseen hazards you would have prevented by clearing the bushes near your property or removing the weeds.

  • 5. Enhances security

With well-trimmed trees and bushes comes clearer vegetation. Unkept vegetation on the other hand can provide cover for criminal activities.

Having understood why vegetation management is important, I am sure you are eager to prune those trees and bushes around your property. But before you jump in and make a mess of things, I would like to advise that you don’t make attempts to do the work yourself. This is because vegetation management requires specific equipment as well as special skills which we provide. Contact us and we can take it up from there.


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