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Stump Grinding

What is Stump Grinding? 
Old tree stumps can sometimes make your compound look messy when left unattended. Choosing what method to use in removing the tree stumps depends on the plans you have for your property. Most tree service companies recommend stump grinding to clean the mess overother methods. For instance, tree stump removal leaves behind a huge hole that can be hazardous if left unfilled. Stump grinding gives room to your tree company to perform an efficient and safe complete removal of the tree stump so that there is room for conducting other purposes where the stump was. On the other hand, stump grinding takes care of the visible tree remains while the roots still spread underground. After grinding, the tree roots can take a long time to decay fully. 
Process of stump grinding
Tree companies use a high technology stump grinder to remove the whole tree stump. A stumpgrinder is operated by a trained operator from the tree company. The heavy machinery has apetrol engine and a cutting wheel made of steel, which has very sharp teeth. The wheel spinsvery fast, cutting through the tree stump and grinding it. 
Benefits of grinding a tree stump
Enhancing space and aesthetics: If you like your lawn tidy, with neat hedges and perfect landscaping, you would not want to see atree stump around. Tree grinding helps improves your property look and its value.  Tree stump scan take up a significant space of your small lawn, making it difficult to put up some otherelements such as chairs, tables, flowerbeds, or a pond. 
Convenience and safety improvements: Tree stumps pose severe inconvenience when you have to mow your lawn. You will be requiredto safely go around them because hitting them accidentally can cause severe damage on themachine in use. They also pose a danger to any children or seniors in your home. As the property owner, you could be held accountable for any injuries.
Avoid unwanted pests and growth: 
Tree stumps left behind can cause small trees to grow and cluster around their base. Besides their undesirable sight, the cluster of trees can cause damage to any young plants growing nearby as they will absorb nutrients and water from the soil. Tree stumps become a perfect habitat for pests and insects such as ants, beetles, termites, and wood borers. Removing the tree stumps prevents pests from creating their habitat and becoming a nuisance after making their way home.

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