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What is Paving? 

If you are looking for driveway paving, garden paving or patio paving we have you covered. Parish also offers commercial paving for parks and businesses.

Adding paving to your outside space offers an instant facelift to your property, park, or business. Your home is an extension of you, inside and out. By adding paving to your home’s aesthetic, whether it is in your garden, driveway or patio should reflect your personality and style. There are so many options to choose from. Long gone are the days of traditional slabs of stone in squares and rectangles. You have so many options available to you from shapes, colors, and patterns.

Some commonly used paving are:

Brick – Comes in a variety of colors and shapes and can be arranged in a variety of patterns to suit your taste. Bricks are made from natural material meaning they can be reused making for a nice eco-friendly option.

Concrete – Easy to install and comes in a variety of shapes and colors. Concrete is durable and a more cost-efficient alternative to some other options.

Bluestone – Can be shaped into different basic shapes and has a beautiful royal blue color to it hence the name. Bluestone is a durable material as well.

Flagstone – Is very versatile to help you achieve any pattern you desire. Flagstone is exceptionally durable and naturally formed giving it a natural and unique finish.

Marble – Natural tones and patterns will create a unique finish to your project. Marble is extremely durable and will give you a regal smooth polished look.

Travertine – Environmentally friendly and available in a variety of colors and tones to customize your project. Travertine is exceptionally durable.

Porcelain – Has a very elegant appeal, comes in a variety colors and patterns to suit your style. Porcelain is also very durable.

This is just s short list of what is available to use to personalize your project. 

With all the choices available it can become overwhelming, but your friends at Parish will be by your side to assist you through the process. We will help to find the perfect stone blocks to fit your budget, express your creativity and breathe life back into your precious property. Using paver blocks to pave on your property is a cost-effective solution to adding texture and a natural look, all while upgrading your property and increasing its value.


Paving is easy to maintain. Using a power washer is a great way to clean your paver blocks. You can do this yourself or hire someone to power wash your paver blocks; that is all you really need to maintain a beaming and beautiful look.

Paver blocks are durable, can withstand weathering and are load bearing.

You can have a stone sealant applied if you wish to decrease fading over the years. Sealants can also help to ward off any water damage. A sealant is also able to stop your stones from harbouring any weeds that may decide to land on your stones, and stop future weeds growing at the source. 


We have an experienced team of professionals who will help you consider your options and give you advice. Please contact us for information and a no-obligation quote.