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What is Fencing? 


Installing new fencing can be a great idea to improve the look of your home. There are so many options from mesh to wood, PVC to composite materials. It’s not just about looks, consider your fence’s function too, does it need to provide privacy or is it to keep pets from straying. Consider your budget and how much maintenance you are willing to do. Some types of fences and materials are likely to last longer than others.

Flexible Mesh is an ideal material if the terrain is uneven. It is also the fastest and cheapest solution to set up. Metal or wooden poles are embedded in the ground as a support for the mesh. Wire mesh is held taught by tensioned metal cables and staples. It can be less sturdy than other options however and more vulnerable to intruders, however it is a great option to stop pets from straying.

Rigid Mesh Panels are of higher quality than flexible mesh and more resistant, providing a good value for money solution. As you can see through this type of fencing you may want to consider planting a hedge. Hard mesh will keep animals out but is still relatively easy to cut, therefore doesn’t provide complete protection from possible intruders. Panels come in a variety of ranges and post colours.

Garden Screening there are a number of garden screening options available if you’re considering a mesh type fence, such as hedges, Laurel and Box are particularly popular or you may consider Privet, Beech or Yew.

Another option is a natural screen made from Bamboo, Reed or Willow. These create an immediate  effect but can age quickly. For a longer lasting modern look, you may consider a screen made from synthetic materials.

Metal Railings come in a variety of shapes and sizes. They can be installed straight into the ground or mounted on a low wall. There will be limited maintenance as the bars are given a rust proof protection.

Traditional Board Fencing comes in a variety of materials, shapes and colours, making them a popular option. Highly robust they are made from wood, PVC or composite materials. They are typically Installed on the ground or on a low wall. If you opt for wood it will require regular maintenance (staining or painting). 

Solid Fencing Panels usually made from wood but are also available in composite materials, they provide the ultimate solution for privacy. Generally a solid fence panel is manufactured without gaps between the slats, to create a strom timber screen. Depending on the height you choose, these fences offer a varying amount of protection against intruders. 

Trellis comes in a variety of styles with varying degrees of visibility. For a garden screen, or topper panel to go on the top of a solid fence trellis is the classic choice. Trellis is good for growing plants up. It can also be used to separate the garden and create feature walls which plants grow up and around, whilst letting sunlight through.

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