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Contract Chipping

What is Contract Chipping?

We have the capabilities to perform whole tree chipping or removed vegetation and scrub material by making them into bark. 

There are many uses for woodchips. They can produce fuel or wood pulp; Act as an organic mulch in landscaping, gardening and restoration; Remove hazardous nitrates from the atmosphere, and cultivate food like mushrooms. 

How does Parish Environmental help?

We have an innovative range of tools to manage this tool effectively, and we can produce woodchips using the vegetation or trees removed from your property. Our chippers are powerful enough to take a sufficient amount of material and process it quickly. They can also be distributed to other locations providing you with chips to remove your tree or scrub in one place and use on another site.

At Parish Environmental, we specialise in providing our customers with chipping services that exceed expectations regarding quality and annual volume production capabilities. We are proud of our relationships with our customers through our commitment to quality and reputation to meet our quoted times and customer needs. We also have access to other chipping machines that can work in a range of different environments. Such as small tracked chippers can operate in tight working spaces or on steep banks and uneven ground.

Benefits of Contract Chipping

  • Fast Clean-up

Once we have driven a large piece of wood through the chipper, all we have to do is collect the chunks. We can use them again for landscaping purposes or dispose of them for you all while keeping your property clean and tidy.

  • No Extra Effort

Using a chipper is less laborious than other methods for getting rid of wood such as chopping or waiting for a wood removal service. 

  • Other uses burning

You can choose to burn chips, for domestic fire pits or indoor fireplaces, garden aesthetics, chicken or animal runs, wood pulp, livestock bedding.

Access any terrain

Whether your log pile is on a forest or motorway side, our chippers are track-mounted so that they can quickly and efficiently reach all areas.


We have an experienced team of professionals who will help you consider your options and give you advice. Please contact us for information and a no-obligation quote.