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ARB Trucks

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Anti-Roll bar trucks are an integral tool in any work environment that needs heavy cargo lifting. In this case, our services focus on providing residential and commercial businesses the necessary vehicles when dealing with tree disposal. Our complete suite of services is composed of all manners of trimming, cutting, or shredding makes us the one-stop-shop for our clients. These jobs are messy, and having the right tools for clearing all the clutter is part of our services.

Why Rent or Lease?

It is not reasonable to buy a brand new vehicle, especially since doing large-scale maintenance on a garden is not done daily. So simply renting or leasing ARB vehicles for temporary use is the more sensible approach. ARB vehicles are also expensive to buy and maintain. Having them just sitting in the garage, doing nothing for most of the time does not make sense.

By delegating maintenance and purchase of ARB trucks, and calling on us when you need our services, your business can stay focused on what it needs to do.

Renting or leasing allows you to save on your taxes as these are additional expenses rather than business assets. So, you can classify this under business expenses.

When to rent, when to lease?

Renting ARB trucks is more practical for situations where the nature of the job is in short bursts. Not all businesses have wide gardens that need heavy maintenance, so renting is more appropriate for such a situation. For larger projects that need more time to complete, leasing an ARB truck is more sensible and cost-effective. What’s great about leasing is the ability to swap vehicles when there is a need to upgrade to a more advanced vehicle or if there is simply a need to change to a more appropriate vehicle for the task.